My Photos for Mommy Poppins

Here are some of my favorite photographs that I took for Mommy Poppins. Lina very much enjoyed being a model for these photos when she was 3 and 4 years old. All of the screenshot text and images in this post are copyrighted by Mommy PoppinsClick on 1 thumbnail image to view larger size and be able to go back & forth in a slideshow.

NOTE: Mommy Poppins redesigned their website and they are working on fixing issues on the live site. Some of my old photos are now distorted with their new template proportions, so I have screenshots above of the original layout from years ago. Also, the bio pages for writers on their site still do not automatically list gallery posts that had slideshows of more than one photo, so instead of linking to the bio...I decided to highlight some of my past work here that I'm proud of...for future opportunities. Their policy/contracts with freelancers dictate that Mommy Poppins retains the rights to the photographs and they are not required to credit us when they publish the photos. Therefore, when I was asked by folks to show some of my specific photos, I chose a handful I liked the best and included them here in an effort to show work I'm proud of (though I took over 200 photos that were published). I did this freelance work while I was a stay-at-home mom caring for my daughter 24x7 when she was a preschooler.