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When Lina was a preschooler, I worked as a freelance writer for the popular Mommy Poppins website (visited by more than 500,000 parents per month). When Lina was 3 and 4 years old, she enjoyed being a model for my photographs and gave feedback (from a child's perspective) for my reviews. Though I lived in New York City most of my life...since I was a first-time mom, this work opportunity (with Lina in tow!) allowed us to experience a wide variety of family-oriented activities quickly. I brainstormed ideas and submitted pitches, did meticulous research and fact-checking (online, in person, via phone and email), visited places, took photographs, and wrote reviews. All assignments were given by the editor and posts edited by her before they went live. I wrote about 35 original reviews  + lists for a print publication + edited 21 posts written by other writers. Mommy Poppins published 200+ of my photographs, you can view favs by clicking here.

My work in a print publication: 
(Distributed at East River Ferry terminals and on the ferry.)

The project was to curate a list of 101 things to do with kids off the ferry. I focused on the Brooklyn neighborhoods. Lina was happy to see at least 3 photos of herself included in the printed guide in 2012. The founder of Mommy Poppins, Anna Fader, thanked the team: "The Fun Off the Ferry pamphlet is the first time we've done anything in print and I'm super-excited about it. It looks great thanks to Lindsay Giuffrida, the designer from McMillian + Furlow who put it together. I also have to give big thanks to Petek, our blogger who did most of the research to compile the lists and took the photos, and Raven for her awesome-as-usual editing. And, of course, a big, big thank you to the East River Ferry for inviting us to partner with them on this wonderful project."

We're in Print: Our Fun Off the Ferry Guide to Waterfront Brooklyn and Queens

My online reviews for Mommy Poppins: 

Links are to my old reviews on current Mommy Poppins website, so some places may have closed by now AND editors may have changed some text/photos to update them with or without an editor's note to indicate changes were made to the copy. IF I notice that a current writer has her/his name now in the byline, I will remove the link...though I will still state post titles that I was responsible for writing originally.

Note: February 2016 Mommy Poppins had website redesigned. They are fixing minor issues and making improvements. Therefore, some photos might be blurry/distorted (due to new template with fixed photo sizes that may not work well for certain proportions), also some links may not be functioning and there might be layout/searching issues.

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