Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Just a girl who loves goats...and geese and frisbee!

A few August days that were 75 degrees Fahrenheit in the afternoons in NYC (and 60 degrees overnight, wonderful for sleeping!)...YES, YES, we love cooler summer days...so we enjoyed more outdoor activities...no sweating...low humidity. Lina wore her new "Just a Girl Who Loves Goats" t-shirt + flower print capri leggings at the park...

She saw goats last month at the Prospect Park Zoo, but we intend to go to a zoo in the fall so she can see goats again...we try to go somewhere every season for her to interact with live animals. (Maybe a trip back to the big Bronx Zoo, she has so much fun there...or the Central Park Zoo, where she examined goats in a class...in 2020, we hope to go to a ranch or farm or county fair.)