Thursday, July 18, 2019

Purple Outfits & Summer Fun: Fireworks, Beach, Zoo

This summer, Lina is enjoying wearing her fav color, purple. She has orchid bloom Teva Tirra sports sandals on in the below pics.

6 relatives came from Cali...and we all went to the Prospect Park Zoo for a fun visit (last summer 5 relatives from Cali joined us for fun at Luna Park+aquarium)...Lina wore her lilac summer dress with pretty flowers on it:

and she had a kawaii hair accessory she is wearing that same hair clip a day earlier at home, with cool braids:

This summer Lina saw fireworks for the first time in person!...she said it was like "magic." We went to Coney Island on a Friday evening (rides + arcade, ate pizza then later vanilla bean gelato with chocolate sprinkles). She is wearing a lavender seahorse shirt (from the aquarium) & bright purple capri leggings. Also, so happy that Luna Park now has Mario Kart arcade game, so we raced each other.

Lina was excited to wear her new purple tankini + swimskirt with a pony print (Hanna Andersson), loves horses, and did her improvised dance in the ocean & on the sand.

She found seaweed...

Danced again...

Of course, she found seagulls (loves birds) to observe...

But ran back to the water...

Made towers with damp sand (using purple plastic cup) & decorated with seashells.

Afterwards, we ate Nathan's hot dogs with spicy mustard + crinkle cut fries (with classic red pitchfork) and then went back to the arcade (where she won a Hatchimals CollEGGtible) and later she ate a spumoni (chocolate/pistachio/cherry) gelato with rainbow sprinkles.

Stay cool this summer during the heat waves...that will feel like 100-110 degrees :-)

Lina's sunny disposition + 100% honesty policy brightens up our NYC days, since I am able to carve out a path for her carefree happiness (not easy normally for tweens)...but we have delightful new adventures planned for broaden her horizons.