Wednesday, September 26, 2018

ShimmerScale FlutterTail

Meet Lina's 1st pet fish...a male red & blue Crowntail Betta (pronounced bet·ta, like “bed-tah," not bay-tah) fish, which she named ShimmerScale FlutterTail., swimming...good appetite (not picky, from the moment we brought it home, eats appropriate number of pellets twice a day)...was not stressed with transition into conditioned water. He responds to Lina singing and follows her fingers. Lina is thrilled with her new pet. He loves listening to Lina play the piano and talk to him and he watches us intently. She makes drawings for him to look at...

He quickly began building bubble nests on the water's surface..."this behavior is a strong indication of a happy, healthy betta."

I took her to a local pet shop on the first day of fall. We got a basic, inexpensive setup (Lina is only 10 1/2 years old and this is her 1st pet ever, low maintenance...easy to clean, easy to feed, tank fits on her dresser). ShimmerScale FlutterTail LOVES resting in the leaves when he naps!...but there's still empty space in the tank, so we will go to the store soon to find a little hideaway for him (like a smooth log or cave) and a floating toy to keep the fish stimulated. He is playful, smart and curious...and loves attention.

Lina is an animal lover...she is gentle and had MANY interactions with live animals over the last decade - at ranches, farms, petting zoos, as well as visiting with other people's pets (she loves goats, bunnies, horses, dogs, birds, sea creatures etc.)...she even took a veterinary class for tweens. I figured now she is old enough to help care for a pet, observe it & learn about it...train it. When this pet passes away, she will begin to learn how to cope with grief. Then, we will move to a new home...and know what we're allowed to keep there, in terms of she can have her next (higher maintenance) pet.