Monday, September 10, 2018

A Divine Drink

Lina nicknamed mama's favorite drink "heaven in a bowl." So YUM, relaxing & warm. Perfect while transitioning to cooler temps. Chamomile & lavender & honey tea latte:

More cafés should offer this delightful drink...except our society is all about go-go-go, so coffee is king (haven't had a drop in 2+ years and feel GREAT!)...people are exhausted, pushing themselves to stay up later and later and wake up earlier and unhealthy for their bodies and their minds. We get all the sleep our bodies need overnight (Lina, 11 hrs; me, 9 hrs) and we wake up energized (naturally), then I have a bit of English breakfast tea (no sugar). Lina never drinks soda (never has)...and doesn't have a ton of sugar daily and then crash (like many kids do). I do not de-stress with alcohol, not even wine (like many adults do), and I just drink it when socializing at special events a couple of times per year. A simple cup of chamomile tea helps me feel calm & unwind at night. Lina & I did not get sick yet (not even one cold) in the last 16 months! (Lina never had the flu, no infections.)

The chamomile & lavender & honey tea latte was a $5.50 indulgence recently (maybe I will learn how to make it for myself at home) at Couleur Café in Park Slope...we also ate the most yummy brunch there:

The 10 year old loved the scrambled eggs with cheese (ate every bit) & bacon & roasted potatoes...I loved the "bacon cocotte" which was 2 baked eggs (cooked perfectly in a small casserole dish), with Gruyère cheese and bacon + a side salad. When I was working hard at an office job in Manhattan, earning a decent salary, I used to love eating brunch at restaurants every weekend (usually both Saturday and Sunday) for years...but as a stay-at-home mom...I don't have brunch in our budget for once per week or even once every month...but this was sooooo worth it ;--)