Tuesday, July 31, 2018

A cool day at the beach...

Nothing is better in the summer than feeling a cool sea breeze...listening to waves crashing onto the shore...smelling saltwater...watching beautiful sailboats moving across the ocean...stepping on soft sand and dipping into the soothing seawater. We went to Coney Island Beach + boardwalk...on a cloudy weekday when it would be relatively clean and not so crowded or loud at the free beach.

We spotted another mom+daughter duo enjoying the cooler summer day together.

YES, all fingers up = hand gesture to indicate *this* summer you are 10 years old.

Drying off a bit...

After 1 hour in the water (blowing bubbles, trying to float with my help, splashing, jumping up to catch waves, going for a ride on my back)...Lina loved watching the silly antics of seagull friends on the shore...she is good at spotting birds everywhere!

Then, we walked on the prettified boardwalk...

Whenever we saw a line with a ton of day campers waiting, we avoided that line...so it wasn't a soul-crushing experience as it often can be going out and about in overcrowded New York City. We went on amusement park rides together (we especially liked a new mild thrill ride that was a combination of video game + ride), played at the arcade...ate sicilian pizza, Nutella & Oreo gelato & Churros. A simple, beautiful summer day.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Ocean Wonders: Sharks!

The New York Aquarium's newest exhibit Ocean Wonders: Sharks! just opened on June 30 and it was worth the wait (been looking forward to this exhibit for a few years).

Our favorite moment was at the rooftop Touch Pool...we enjoyed touching a live shark for the first time (a bamboo shark) and feeling the shark skin, which is made up of dermal denticles (more like tiny teeth than fish scales).

Lina was delighted with this immersive exhibit...tunnels, sea creatures above and below us, making it feel like we were actually underwater.

The New York Aquarium will continue construction and they expect to have three new exhibit areas (Playquarium, Spineless and SeaChange) completed by 2020.