Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Our farewell to spring

It's the last week of spring...and we are enjoying every windy 70 degree day outdoors...before being enveloped in the extreme heat+humidity of summer. Lina & I rode a sweet camel (at the Bronx Zoo)...

The Tree Conqueror climbed a tree & relaxed on the sturdy branch in Prospect Park...

Wearing her cool new shades...

Reminds me of when she sat on a tree branch back during our favorite season...fall:

We are already looking forward to the cool winds of fabulous fall...since sweaty summer is our least favorite season. As you may have noticed...Lina decided to have a fresh start to this spring...9 inches of hair chopped off. 

She made this decision two weeks into spring, to speed up her hair washing for warm weather days. Definitely will make it easier for her to wash her hair in under 10 minutes when we return (wiped out) from beach or pool trips this summer.

We do miss the long, lovely locks...

BUT...short hair is super cute & easy to maintain for the tween, so she doesn't regret it.

Spring gave Lina the opportunity to watch her favorite bird, Benedict, bathing in rainwater puddles on a roof. 

(Lina's favorite exhibit at the Bronx Zoo recently was the World of Birds.)

With the end of 4th grade fast approaching...we bid farewell to Lina's wonderful piano lessons at the conservatory for this school we prepare for our summer break. She wanted to wear a kawaii hair accessory and golden unicorn shirt.

The pianist's well-trained fingers will retain muscle memory over the summer, as she practices at home...since she is now at an intermediate level and doesn't want to forget all that she has learned (music means so much to Lina).

In the school's garden...mama+Lina enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of spring.