Saturday, October 28, 2017

Ghouls & Gourds at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

We went to the Halloween festivities at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, for the first time. They call the annual event Ghouls & Gourds. It was so much fun. Lina dressed up as a nature fairy. She played games like rutabaga skee-ball and brussels sprout bowling (with carrots). Also, she participated in the woodland waltz dance with Victorian creatures. There were stilt walkers, giant puppets and a costume parade to join.

We ate delicious meals, with natural ingredients from local farms. The young naturalist was quite taken by the beautiful flowers, plants and trees...and learned so much.  Lina specifically wanted to see the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden (being a huge fan of Japanese culture) and that area was so peaceful and lovely...but we made our way around the whole BBG (it's 52 acres)...and enjoyed all the outdoor areas, including the willow tree, the fragrance garden (where you touch and smell the plants), the lily pool, the rock garden, the hands-on learning Discovery we visited the indoor conservatories (such as the bonsai museum, another nod to our love of Japanese culture, the desert pavilion, the tropical pavilion and the warm temperate pavilion).

Location credit for all of my photographs in this blog post:
Shot on location at Brooklyn Botanic Garden.