Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Looking forward to Shark Week...and enjoying a/c.

We happened upon this glorious chalk drawing of a shark in Prospect Park. We're looking forward to the annual shark week on Discovery Channel, which starts on July 23.

When it's SO hot & humid in NYC (in a couple of days, real feel is 100 degrees), it's nice to stay indoors with the a/c on (and dream of the beautiful fall & winter weather).

Still, it's always nice to hike together, even while sweating.

Lina is wearing a necklace we bought at a museum...a real butterfly with lavender wings.

Lina loves interacting with all the animals on the paths. Squirrels, butterflies, dogs, birds etc. (She is an animal whisperer who gets swans and ducks to come out of the lake to hear her sing.) Recently, she got a book that has bird facts and audio of bird songs and she is learning how to recognize the different birds and the different sounds they make, so she can attract birds we encounter. Near our home, she observes a blackbird (which she named Benedict) that lives in a hole in a tree nearby and swings on the branches.

1st day at the beach for summer 2017

Coney Island beach fun...