Friday, June 2, 2017

Brooklyn Conservatory of Music Spring 2017 Recital

Lina was super excited and happy (as you can see below) to participate in her first piano recital at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music. She performed two solo pieces that she memorized. She was the first one up on the stage and served as a role model.

This was Lina's first academic year of piano lessons...and she said it's her passion and she is committed to practicing regularly. We were told a few months ago that she needed to switch to a new teacher for the spring semester who teaches older kids, because Lina is "exceptional" and progressing at "rocket speed" and can realize her potential to move quickly from beginner to intermediate level. Lina is doing very well with sight-reading of notes and melodies. We both absolutely adore her new teacher and look forward to Lina growing with her and progressing with the fun piano lessons.