Friday, June 2, 2017

Back at the Ranch for the Best Tween Adventure!!!!

Lina: "The best trip of my whole 9 year old life!"

THANKS to a dear a special birthday gift to Lina (to celebrate the middle of her childhood)...we were able to go away for an adventure vacation. Lina chose Rocking Horse Ranch, where we had previously celebrated her 5th birthday.

We will never forget that we went horseback riding on the trails, for the first time ever...8 hours total in the woods, beginner western riding. I'll post the horse photos in a separate post (click here to see them!) since there are so many pics...and it was the best part of our trip :-)

The tween was THRILLED every moment at the ranch...from the moment she woke up until she fell asleep....activities, activities, activities (horseback riding, bungee trampoline, mountain tubing, kayaking, pedal boating, mini golf, ping pong, rock climbing wall, interacting with goats and other animals etc.)....yummy meals, meals, meals...entertainment galore (including a juggling and magic show, karaoke, bonfire, arcade etc.). I was thrilled it was all-inclusive (never had to bring my wallet anywhere) and all within quick walking distance...and no lines to wait on. We lucked out, the weather was fabulous. We were twinning, tween requests that now, and we wore cowgirl hats, denim and plaid. We had so many first time moments we will remember forever. We met some of the nicest people who were on vacation...and the staff was incredibly friendly and competent and they all made us feel special. Lina had the chance to sleep on the top bunk of a bunk bed every night...such a cool experience for her!

Here are some photos of the fun...