Friday, May 8, 2015

Butterfly Girl

We went to the American Museum of Natural History. Lina had the best time at the Butterfly Conservatory. The butterflies landed on her back, head, hand and cheek...a memorable first time experience. Many thanks to the staff member who took this photo.

We also watched a 3D showing of Tiny Giants, by BBC Earth. It was amazingly filmed, a visual treat, and entertaining. The 45 minute educational film was about a young grasshopper mouse surviving in the desert and a young chipmunk in the wild wood.

The museum trip was a surprise treat for Lina for being so wonderful (as always!) at her dental exam and cleaning (no cavities again, yay). Soon after she turned 7 years old...she lost the top two middle baby teeth. Here's a photo I took recently, so adorable:

She also had a great annual wellness check-up (yet again) with her pediatrician (100% healthy, yay). With summer approaching (it sure felt like summer when it hit 82 degrees in NYC already, ugh), I'm happy we are done with all her appointments.