Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Big Apple Circus

I took Lina to the circus for the first time ever and she had a blast. We went to the Big Apple Circus at Lincoln Center and sat in the front row. Lina was thrilled to watch the Quick-Change duo Olga and Vladimir, with the lady changing from one dazzling costume to another so quickly (over and over and over and over again). Lina also enjoyed the silly antics of the clown and the ringmaster's funny magic tricks. I was most impressed by the acrobatics. The brothers Fabio and Giuliano Anastasini performed the very memorable Icarian act. The human body juggling was performed with one brother lying down on his back (face-up, upside down on an incline bench) using only his feet to support the other talented brother who was flipping high into the air repeatedly for the stunts. Also, we were so surprised to see goats and dogs expertly hopping up (and balancing) on the horses and riding around the ring. What a fun circus experience!