Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Clay Sculptures: Lina, Monster, Frog, Snowman, Elf

Lina made a "Clay Lina" at the Children's Museum of the Arts. Clay Lina...so cute...and thankfully brought home from downtown Manhattan in a CMA bag without getting smushed on the subway.

After Lina declared what she wanted to make...a Teaching Artist at CMA's Clay Bar made a similar one first (well, a cute pirate Lina with a black eye patch and an orange dress) to show her how to make her very own little clay person. The very nice (and super patient) talented young woman showed Lina how to shape a dress (using a clay tool and her fingers), how to shape a head and neck (using her hands), how to layer on sections of hair, how to make holes in the clay (using a pencil) to put in the eyes, hands and neck.

Lina chose the colors for her clay sculpture. Since they didn't have purple...she had to spend a bit of time mixing blue, green and white modeling clay to get the right shade. After that, she had fun shaping the clay and putting her own twist on it, in terms of details like the smile and hairstyle. The only thing she wasn't happy about was the shade of color for the hair...she wanted a "darker honey brown color to look more realistic." She is a bit of a perfectionist.

The modeling clay they use at CMA is perfect for freehand modeling, it's non-hardening, not too sticky but easily holds together...the brand is Sargent Art. We will use that type of clay in the fall for a claymation (stop motion animation) project that we will create at home.

Lina was so inspired that she wanted to continue making creatures with clay at home the next day...here are a few of her favorites...

Monster (with teeth):

Frog (with hair, sitting on a lily pad that's on water):



The only thing I did for this art project was cut a few pieces of cardboard, so there would be platforms to place the clay creatures upon (since we are displaying them on a living room shelf)...and I cut a coffee stirrer and positioned it behind the elf, to keep that sculpture from falling over. Lina did the rest by herself, she chose the clay colors, used her imagination and molded her creations without any assistance...for about an hour.

Clay Lina says enjoy the beautiful spring weather folks...go outside and minimize the screen time.

UPDATE (6/21/14): Lina had a blast finishing up all the rest of her clay. Here are 4 new clay creations...


Sleeping Girl (in dress):

Genie (napping):