Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cinderella, Bello Mania & Hansel and Gretel

This month we saw three new shows we enjoyed very much: 
  • A 45 minute Cinderella puppet show at Puppetworks in Park Slope. Lina said "it was very silly when it didn't fit the person, the shoe."
  • A thrilling 90-minute (with 1 intermission) acrobatics act for families, Bello Mania, at the New Victory Theater in Times Square. The star performer's name is Bello Nock and he is a charismatic daredevil clown with a signature hairstyle of foot-high natural red hair. His lovely teenage daughter was also in the show, the aerialist Annaliese Nock, the eighth generation of a family of circus performers. Lina loved Bello's first act (when a bicycle kept falling apart and he was riding on it, bit by bit, as he attempted to put it back together)...she said "it was funny the beginning with the bicycle!" Bello also went up on a high sway pole, rode a miniature bike on a high wire, showed off his talents in a terrific trampoline act and climbed up a bunch of chairs (I lost count at around 7 or 8) that he stacked to balance upon on top.
  • Hansel and Gretel at Lincoln Center gave Lina her first taste of opera, with a live orchestra (music by Engelbert Humperdinck). This was part of the Happy Concerts for Young People series (for ages 6-12) and it was a very kid-friendly show (just under an hour and even the opera was in English). Lina said "I liked the singing and I want to see this show again right now!"