Friday, January 3, 2014

First Snowstorm of 2014

Mother Nature gave New York City a glorious New Year's gift. We woke up today to 9 inches of snow in Brooklyn. We took a half hour joy walk to celebrate the magic, before everyone shoveled away the fluffy goodness.

I don't bother with makeup most days, I keep things simple in my life. Not a dab of makeup on my face at all today and I suppose that's brave at the age of 43. I did protect our lips with chapstick (strawberry flavor for me and cotton candy flavor for her); if necessary, Aquaphor healing ointment will keep our faces from becoming too dry.

Lina was so bundled up (thank you L.L.Bean for the long coat, snow boots, snow pants etc.) that she said she was too warm. Good to know that was possible...considering the high today was a brutally cold 17 degrees (the wind chill made it feel like zero, though). Thank goodness we love cold weather. It was about 10 degrees in the morning (like Fairbanks, Alaska) and will drop down to 5 degrees tonight (will feel like minus 15, factoring in the wind gusts of 25 miles per hour).