Thursday, December 26, 2013

Nutcracker from Santa

Lina asks Santa for one gift each year. Last year it was a lap harp. She makes her own music on that harp every week. This year...she wanted a nutcracker toy. She doesn't believe in a long list of toy requests for Christmas (nor her birthday). So, this is what she found under the faux fireplace mantel on Christmas Day when she woke up and ran to the living room and opened her presents...


Four little wooden nutcracker ornaments...with mouths she can open and close (lever is on the back)...a king, a drummer and two soldiers. She absolutely adores them and they have already been on many pretend adventures. Also, she received a tall nutcracker music box (this was a bonus and she didn't understand why Santa gave her two presents instead of one...but I suppose Santa couldn't decide which type of nutcracker she would enjoy more). It plays the Nutcracker Suite while moving his arms and mouth...after she winds him up, of course; it's a big hit.

Santa cut out the letters of Lina's name from pretty patterns found in print catalogs, to avoid handwriting recognition I suppose, and taped them to the red wrapping paper :-)

Lina took a gingerbread cookie tin box (that she valued very much) and put a Christmas tree drawing inside and gave it to me for a Christmas gift.

We're not very materialistic...not into the whole consumerism thing of going crazy shopping on Black Friday (I never do) or rushing to holiday sales at stores ever during the year. It's not the quantity of gifts that matter to us or how much someone spends. It's thoughtfulness that counts most, giving a gift that will mean a lot to that person - whether it was free or $10 or $100 or $1000 (living within their means, of course, rather than going into debt)...or perhaps an experience, rather than a tangible gift. Lina considered the doll I made for her to be her Christmas gift from me and she was very happy with it.