Saturday, December 14, 2013

Doll #2 Made By Mommy

Last year I posted photos of the first doll I made for Lina, she is still playing with it. She told me earlier this week that she very much wanted me to make another doll. There was a snowstorm today in NYC and I decided to fulfill Lina's wish...since we were staying home. She proclaimed that this doll is now her favorite toy and she fell asleep with it :-)

She had outgrown a pair of beautiful tights from Naartjie Kids before getting much use out of them and this was a nice way to repurpose the tights. The word "happy," with a heart below it, was printed on the legs and I used that particular section for the body of the doll. I cut the shape of the head and neck before filling the body with cotton and sewing it up. Then, I cut out the bottom of the tights, which had a nice striped pattern, filled those with cotton balls, stitched them up and attached the legs for the doll. Then I cut out another part of the tights, which had a pretty flower design, and made that part into arms for the doll. When I opened my old sewing box to get a needle and some thread...I noticed two old buttons inside...and Lina chose those buttons for the eyes of the doll. Then, she chose purple yarn for the hair.

Lina played pretend with her stuffed creatures, danced with them (the radio had some Christmas music on), sang one of her own songs, looked through several of her old books and stayed close by to watch me sew (I even let her carefully push a needle through the fabric to experience what it feels like to make a stitch, she enjoyed it). Then, I was done with this toy-making project same day and she was so excited to get this unique new doll. (I think she was inspired to ask me to make another doll this week because she watched the 1961 live-action Disney film "Babes in Toyland.")