Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hootenanny Thanksgiving Food Drive & Disco Party

Lina made fast friends (as she always does) with three girls she met at the Hootenanny Thanksgiving Food Drive and Disco Party this weekend. She danced for over an hour (non-stop) and then we made our way home in the evening with the empty suitcase (which had been filled with canned goods we donated).

She was so happy to dance at this disco party and enjoy new friendships...but it was most important that we bring the food. Three awesome young boys there helped take the cans out of the suitcase and stack them with the other donated canned goods.

It's getting dark early now (and it's quite chilly), so I could have made excuses to not drag a heavy suitcase onto a bus...but Lina persuaded me to bring her to this event in Park Slope; she said "this is food for the hungry, starving people...we need to help."