Monday, October 21, 2013

What I Love About You

Lina chose a bouquet of beautiful flowers to bring to one of her doting great aunts a while ago. (We had a fun visit bringing that gift in person to my dear aunt and spending some time with one of her friendly sons, as well.)  Since another great aunt couldn't keep flowers inside her home (due to a family member's health), Lina chose a journal book instead as a gift for her...because it had a big heart on the cover.

Lina dictated answers to many questions listed in the show her love for auntie.

The journal was about one hundred pages long. Lina filled it up with her words or (in the case of questions about romantic love that were not relevant) she drew pictures on construction paper that I cut out and taped onto various pages. This kept Lina happily occupied during many evenings at home (we do not have a TV, by choice, so it's our mission to find alternative entertainment that's not passive). A bonus for us...when we delivered the journal in person to my sweet aunt...I had a chance to chat with my wonderful uncle, while Lina played with their adorable 10 month old grandchild for hours.

If you would like to see a sample of the lovely pages that were created in the journal...

(Click on an image to see a gallery with these photos much larger...that's especially helpful if you would like to read the text.)