Friday, May 31, 2013

Little Laureates Book Group

Lina enjoyed the Little Laureates! "literature" class at The ROC in the East Village. Tinamarie Panyard, a professional storyteller, led the class for 4 to 8 year olds. It was "a creative story, movement and crafting class built around stories with a classic theme, fairy tales, and poetry. Using their ideas, bodies and imaginations, children will bring the stories to life through writing/"scripting," movement, and crafting activities that relate to the plot, characters and other literary aspects in the story."

I was proud that Lina already knew what "characters" are in a story and contributed a lot of good comments during the term. Tinamarie did a fantastic job reading the books in such an evocative manner and then engaging the young kids in conversation.

When handing out the certificates at the end of the spring term, the teacher told Lina that she is so joyful and wonderful to have in the class. Lina truly exudes joy, that's for sure.

Lina most enjoyed creating a little story of her own. She decorated the cover of the book and drew a couple of pictures in the class and then filled up the rest of the book when we got home that day.


Lina made it clear that she wanted to do as much as possible by herself in the class this season, no mommy help. Other mommies were sitting next to their kids, time to time, helping out. Lina still wanted me near enough to see what was happening in the class (so I was like a couple of long tables away) and she liked waving to me. I think she will be ready for short drop-off classes in the fall, we shall see.

Now, it's all fun in the sun! Though she and I prefer cooler temps (can't believe it hit 90 degrees and it's not even June...and it's so humid, ugh).