Thursday, April 18, 2013

Time to move on from the Kidizoom

VTech's Kidizoom Camera has been a decent first camera for LC. I bought it for her 3rd birthday and it has been indestructible for two years (she has dropped it several times). Plus, it has great battery life. The camera is still going on strong, but LC has outgrown the poor picture quality. It gives her great pleasure to make photographs. Here's a set she took this month:


All by herself, LC discovered that she could make a balloon stick to a wall (thanks to static electricity).

The indoor pictures (even using flash) look much worse than outdoor daylight photos with this camera...but it's a heavy camera, so she doesn't carry it outside often. I'm going to research a new camera for her later this year that's durable but will produce better images...and Santa will deliver it. When we were at the playground recently, I wanted to see how far I could push her Kidizoom camera...this is the best I could do with it. It was the first time she wore the vibrant patterned pillowcase dress we bought from Hanna Andersson.