Friday, April 19, 2013

Delighted by our first Hanna Andersson order...

"Known for quality that's crafted to last, Hanna Andersson's Swedish-inspired designs let kids be kids in playful comfort. Simplicity, love of color and eco-friendly fabrics..."

Lina Celeste wanted to model the clothes she chose from Hanna Andersson. Dresses, shirts, cardigan sweater, bike shorts, tutu, pants, leggings, one-piece swimsuit, rash guard tee paired with swim skirt + accessories (hat, headbands, hair scarves, knit necklace and bracelet) and cute flip flops. LC also wore her own shoes: Saucony sneakers, See Kai Run sandals (pink and white), L.L. Bean suede Comfort Mocs and Pediped Flex bronze ballet flats. Click on a photo to access the larger images.

It's not easy these days to find clothes for little kids that won't make them look like tweens (and tweens look like teens and teens look like adults). I'm so happy I found this company recently. I'm disappointed with what's offered for Gap Kids versus what seemed to be age-appropriate babyGap clothes she used to wear (toddler size 5 is too small for her now). Some outfits are too mature in terms of the shape, style, color and/or fabric for little kids. Also, do little girls need body image issues with parents buying them Gap's "Super Skinny Jeans." I guess "Skinny Jeans" and "Skinny Leggings" are not skinny enough for the Gap and the media. Versus Hanna Andersson offering "Not So Skinny Knit Jeans" and "Livable Leggings" for kids. The Gap also sells "Boyfriend Jeans" for little girls (I actually love the style of the jeans, but not the name). Great sense of humor that Hanna Andersson instead sells "Not Old Enough For A Boyfriend Jeans."