Thursday, April 4, 2013

Charlotte's Web...Spider, Web, Wilbur, Slop, Bucket

Recently LC watched the 2006 live-action film (which had some CGI and animatronic animals, yes that drives me crazy) "Charlotte's Web," starring the adorable Dakota Fanning as the little girl, Fern, who loves Wilbur the Pig. The G-rated movie was cute enough and served as a nice introduction to the original story (I haven't yet read E.B. White's classic tale to LC).

The film had such an impact on LC, she made this lovely drawing afterwards. She said this is "the spider, the web, Wilbur, slop and the bucket."

To be accurate, Wilbur was eating out of a trough, but the slop was brought to the trough in a bucket. We don't live on a farm, so LC isn't familiar with such things, though she is greatly interested and we do hope to stay on a farm in the near LC can learn about raising animals.