Wednesday, March 27, 2013

In Her Words (March 2013)

LC: "I love I being positive?"

(Yes, I've filed my taxes, woo-hoo.)


LC: "I know how to spell on and off because it says it on the radio. Why on has same letters as no, but backwards?"


I was on and LC was looking over my shoulder. She noticed at the bottom of each review it asks "Was this review helpful to you?" and a user can click "Yes" or "No" and those are words she already she asked me:

LC: "Why it says no and yes on Amazon?"


When doing math with a double digit number, she uses whatever she can find around her to figure out the answers to the questions she asks herself...whenever she is inspired to do some addition or subtraction (not prompted by me). Recently, she used her lap harp and when she ran out of strings to count, she imagined how many there would be if there was space on the instrument for an additional string:

LC: "15 plus 1 equals 16....I did it with the strings!"


The last few months she has become interested in fashion. When looking at a headband with three flowers on it, she proclaimed:

LC: "Triple flower headband."

She knows the word double because of the game Zingo, we've played that game for two years. Sometimes two identical picture tiles come out at the same time, like two kites, for example, and we like to yell "double kites!" I didn't know she knew the word triple, so that's a nice surprise. I like that she is building her vocabulary not by memorization or someone forcing her to learn the words they want her to learn that week. Kids learn quickly (and for the long term) by playing and pursuing their interests.


LC: "Whose job is it to make the music for the movies? In real life there's no music in the movies and someone makes it?"

Me: "Composers create the original music for films."

LC: "I want to be a composer."


Watching the rather awful movie (I personally dislike films where real animals are made to look like they're talking) Snow Buddies...there was an adorable boy with longish hair in the cast...

LC: "Is that a girl?"

Me:  "No, it's a boy."

LC:  "But he has a high voice..."

Me: "He is maybe 11 years old...his voice will get deeper when he is a teenager. A girl's voice will get a little deeper, but boys usually have a bigger voice change."


Me: "Will you be this cute when you grow up?"

LC: "Yes, I will be this cute even when I grow up, but my voice might be lower, so it may not be this cute."