Friday, February 15, 2013

Face to Face at CMA - Part 1

When I told LC about the new Face to Face exhibit at the Children's Museum of the Arts (CMA), she kept asking me to bring her as soon as possible. Since LC was participating in a soccer game a few blocks away from CMA, it was a good opportunity to check out the exhibit after her game. (As an aside, 2 girls and 6 boys under the age of 8 went on the field...and though the coach was patient and tried to explain the rules, my daughter is not into competitive sports. She doesn't understand why anyone would try to outrun anyone else and she doesn't enjoy the concept of "taking the ball away" from the other players...but I brought her to play just because she likes meeting new kids.)

I'm organizing the CMA photos from that day into two separate posts. First, here are the photos for the activities at CMA that were not related to the Face to Face exhibit.

It was extremely fun for LC to make a Big Head Doll. This would be easy to make at home. The Teaching Assistant crumpled up newspaper into a ball and covered it with masking tape. The kids were given index cards, with pencils and they could draw hair (or a hat), eyes (or sunglasses), a mouth and an outfit with legs and arms. Then, we cut out those shapes. We taped a toothpick (broken in half for the smaller parts) to the back of each piece, so they could be pushed into the appropriate areas of the head (after poking holes through the ball).

Then, we hit the Clay Bar and LC received terrific instruction from a Teaching Artist; she was very patient and creative...and taught LC how to make a frog (LC's choice of subject).


We went into the Fine Arts Studio...where LC made art with circle stickers, watercolor paint and cardboard squares and triangles (those were taped together to make geometric sculptures and the Teaching Assistant was very helpful - CMA just has the absolute best staff).


(Above Photo) LC's "house" on the left, the Teaching Assistant's "house" on the right.

Of course, a visit to CMA would not be complete if she didn't get to have a romp in the Ball Pond.

It's no secret that LC loves CMA. I don't post about every visit...but I've certainly mentioned CMA many times on this blog and any art-loving kid would be happy to spend an afternoon at the Children's Museum of the Arts.