Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mommy and Me (by a 4 year old)

There are so many wonderful "mommy and me" pictures LC drew the last few months.

I already posted the drawings of us at the beach. That was a cool series. I also like these:

Yes, she learned how to write "mom." So, she will usually write her own name and the word mom on top of these drawings, to let me know that it's both of us in the picture.

Two pictures below...both show a girl giving her mother a birthday cake, with the word "mom" written on the cake:

On this long sheet of paper, she drew us as people, as fairies and as fish. (In all three forms...I have black hair, she has honey colored hair and we both have green eyes.)

She created this lovely series of us waving (from the street) to people looking out of the windows of their homes.

This one was for Suzi Shelton, after we attended a music show where she wore a red dress on stage. LC was happy to give this drawing to Suzi at her next concert. LC: "For Suzi. Us waving to her in the house. She has red dress on and she didn't start her show yet."

This one was for her art teacher Amy, from Brooklyn Design Lab. Amy hung up the picture on the wall in the classroom, which was super nice. LC: "It is a picture for teacher Amy. Us waving to her in the house...and there's sunshine and sky and grass."

She made two of these, almost identical, to hand to her grandaunts when we visited. LC: "Us waving to auntie in the house."

She made this after a fun play date at E's home in Park Slope. She wanted to draw her friend wearing a red shirt and his mom M wearing blue. LC wanted me to put it in a blue frame and hang it up in our hallway.

This was for her music teacher Jen and she was happy to hand it to her before we switched to another activity. LC: "Us waving to Jen in the house and grass and sky and sunshine and a door."