Sunday, January 20, 2013

Magician + Aerialists at Album Release Party

Tim and the Space Cadets "Anthems for Adventure" Album Release Party yesterday at The Bell House (Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn) was made even more awesome when two artists went up on aerial hoops. A few photos of the dancer near us:


The opening act was Mario the Magician. My daughter is his biggest fan. I wrote about her dream come true seven months ago, when Mario chose her as a magician's assistant. As always, LC was laughing hysterically throughout his performance and wishing she was picked to go up to assist (but honestly, she probably would have fallen off the stage, since she would be beside herself with happiness at the thought of performing "real magic" again).

Tim Kubart and his band put on a very energetic performance. It was a sweet moment when Tim introduced his mom and asked her to come on stage.

The prediction was for a "milder day," but it was definitely chilly. Still, one of the highlights of LC's day was playing at J.J. Byrne Playground for a while before we walked over to the cool show.


Two days prior, we hit two playgrounds (Harmony Playground and Vanderbilt Street Playground) on the same afternoon and LC bragged about it to the bus driver.

It has been a nice balance of indoor and outdoor activities this winter and LC is having a blast.