Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fashion advice from a 4 3/4 year old

LC put on the birthday party dress last week that she begged me to buy (yeah, it's a little early to get it for her, but she had her eye on it for two months and I was afraid it would go out of stock). She thinks the pattern looks like ice cream sprinkles (though it's supposed to be confetti). She takes one look at herself in the mirror and decides she is never going to wear jeans or dark colors again. Darn it! (There goes the super easy time I had with her clothes...no stains or tears to worry about after playground visits and play dates.) Is this the dreaded "princess phase" I read about in the New York Times?

She is sticking to this new rule...she shook her head when I showed her thick gray sweatpants to put on before we went to the park on the weekend. She said "that's for boys" and chose hot pink fleece pants from the drawer to wear. At least she is still wearing sneakers most of the time, which makes walking/running/climbing much easier, but perhaps that's because they are glitter sneakers; if I break out the Saucony running shoes I bought for the spring maybe she won't put it on.

The best part is that she is offering fashion advice to me..."I don't want to say it to make you sad, but I want you to throw out your black clothes. Wear a nice color."

Black is like 90% of my wardrobe, this is New York City. Ugh.