Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mommy and Me (by a 4 year old)

There are so many wonderful "mommy and me" pictures LC drew the last few months.

I already posted the drawings of us at the beach. That was a cool series. I also like these:

Yes, she learned how to write "mom." So, she will usually write her own name and the word mom on top of these drawings, to let me know that it's both of us in the picture.

Two pictures below...both show a girl giving her mother a birthday cake, with the word "mom" written on the cake:

On this long sheet of paper, she drew us as people, as fairies and as fish. (In all three forms...I have black hair, she has honey colored hair and we both have green eyes.)

She created this lovely series of us waving (from the street) to people looking out of the windows of their homes.

This one was for Suzi Shelton, after we attended a music show where she wore a red dress on stage. LC was happy to give this drawing to Suzi at her next concert. LC: "For Suzi. Us waving to her in the house. She has red dress on and she didn't start her show yet."

This one was for her art teacher Amy, from Brooklyn Design Lab. Amy hung up the picture on the wall in the classroom, which was super nice. LC: "It is a picture for teacher Amy. Us waving to her in the house...and there's sunshine and sky and grass."

She made two of these, almost identical, to hand to her grandaunts when we visited. LC: "Us waving to auntie in the house."

She made this after a fun play date at E's home in Park Slope. She wanted to draw her friend wearing a red shirt and his mom M wearing blue. LC wanted me to put it in a blue frame and hang it up in our hallway.

This was for her music teacher Jen and she was happy to hand it to her before we switched to another activity. LC: "Us waving to Jen in the house and grass and sky and sunshine and a door."

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tiny Snowman

Finally enough snow this winter to make a tiny snowman in the backyard.

UPDATED: Yet another tiny snowman was created in our backyard. It keeps snowing just an inch or two every week. Pics below, taken first week of February. We wonder if we will have a big snowfall this winter in NYC, so we can make a snowman that's LC's size.

She absolutely loves to be bundled up and enjoying nature outdoors (sometimes we walk for a couple of miles after she plays for 45 minutes at the playground, since we don't get around this city by car) even when it's 29 degrees F outside and feels like 17 degrees. Yep. It is more pleasant to be outside when it's cold...and not when it's hot & humid, like it is in the summer in NYC.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snail, Sand Castle and Sunshine on Etch A Sketch

As someone with a bachelor's degree in Information Technology, it gives me a kick when low-tech toys fascinate kids for extended periods of time.

LC's latest creations on the pocket Etch A Sketch (it's easy to bring with us on trips).

LC: "I made a snail."

LC: "A sand castle at the beach and there's a sunshine too."

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Magician + Aerialists at Album Release Party

Tim and the Space Cadets "Anthems for Adventure" Album Release Party yesterday at The Bell House (Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn) was made even more awesome when two artists went up on aerial hoops. A few photos of the dancer near us:


The opening act was Mario the Magician. My daughter is his biggest fan. I wrote about her dream come true seven months ago, when Mario chose her as a magician's assistant. As always, LC was laughing hysterically throughout his performance and wishing she was picked to go up to assist (but honestly, she probably would have fallen off the stage, since she would be beside herself with happiness at the thought of performing "real magic" again).

Tim Kubart and his band put on a very energetic performance. It was a sweet moment when Tim introduced his mom and asked her to come on stage.

The prediction was for a "milder day," but it was definitely chilly. Still, one of the highlights of LC's day was playing at J.J. Byrne Playground for a while before we walked over to the cool show.


Two days prior, we hit two playgrounds (Harmony Playground and Vanderbilt Street Playground) on the same afternoon and LC bragged about it to the bus driver.

It has been a nice balance of indoor and outdoor activities this winter and LC is having a blast.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fashion advice from a 4 3/4 year old

LC put on the birthday party dress last week that she begged me to buy (yeah, it's a little early to get it for her, but she had her eye on it for two months and I was afraid it would go out of stock). She thinks the pattern looks like ice cream sprinkles (though it's supposed to be confetti). She takes one look at herself in the mirror and decides she is never going to wear jeans or dark colors again. Darn it! (There goes the super easy time I had with her stains or tears to worry about after playground visits and play dates.) Is this the dreaded "princess phase" I read about in the New York Times?

She is sticking to this new rule...she shook her head when I showed her thick gray sweatpants to put on before we went to the park on the weekend. She said "that's for boys" and chose hot pink fleece pants from the drawer to wear. At least she is still wearing sneakers most of the time, which makes walking/running/climbing much easier, but perhaps that's because they are glitter sneakers; if I break out the Saucony running shoes I bought for the spring maybe she won't put it on.

The best part is that she is offering fashion advice to me..."I don't want to say it to make you sad, but I want you to throw out your black clothes. Wear a nice color."

Black is like 90% of my wardrobe, this is New York City. Ugh.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Making Gerber Daisy Stand Out More in Photo

LC was fascinated to see that I could select an element in a photo, like the gerber daisy flower hair clip (using the Quick Selection tool in Adobe Photoshop CS6) and remove the color from the rest of the photo (Select/Inverse and then Image/Adjustments/Desaturate).


and after:
She is wowed by photo (and video) editing. When I'm working on a photograph, she likes to sit on my lap and tell me to get rid of red eye, remove spots, fix lines etc. She has a good eye and it's helpful to have her by my side when I'm editing fine details in an image (using the Clone Stamp or Spot Healing Brush tools in Photoshop etc.)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Friday, January 4, 2013

A New Year of Happiness Chasing LC and Me

New Year, new goals. Lots of opportunities to consider and possible paths to follow. It's a very exciting time, indeed. 2013, woo-hoo!

LC is fascinated when I doodle. It's an old habit; doodling helps to clear my mind, when I'm making decisions. I found this old doodle in a pad, from November 2008: