Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Suzi Shelton Band's Rockin' Holiday Party

LC didn't mind enduring the cold rain (we got soaked, despite having an umbrella over us) on our commute home from The Bell House. She was still riding a wave of warmth after Suzi Shelton's rockin' holiday party at the Gowanus music venue.

The bubbles and the glow necklaces were the icing on the cake, the live kindie music was awesome. Amelia Robinson of Mil's Trills kicked off the concert with an electric ukulele, then Suzi Shelton stepped on stage opening with her song "No Ordinary Day" (my favorite song from her CD). Suzi brought her band, including the horn section, and the adorable Gumdrops to sweeten this holiday celebration for kids and parents. One of our favorite kid-friendly diners in Park Slope, Dizzy's Diner, sold yummy sandwiches at the event (and thankfully coffee, for me!) to give us the energy to keep dancing the whole time. LC was thrilled to hear Suzi sing some holiday tunes.

Amy from Brooklyn Design Lab had a table ready for kids to create their own buttons and LC took advantage of the fun design project...

I bought LC her first harmonica ($5) at Suzi's merch table...and she has been playing it at home non-stop, making up her own songs.

On our way home, we stopped in at Little Things Toy Store and we picked a few Christmas gifts for kids we'll be seeing soon (no batteries required...natural toys; bamboo cars by Hape and organic dolls by Haba). LC told the staff that they wrapped the gifts beautifully (yeah, when I wrap...everything looks lopsided and often I don't go the extra step of using ribbons and bows).

When I mentioned to the saleswoman that I want to get LC her first calendar...since she has been keeping track of the days of the month inside her head, telling me the date each day...and I would like a calendar so LC can cross off the days...the lady was kind enough to give us a cute Calico Critters 2013 calendar for free:

I just picked out the design and photo for our holiday card, so I'm looking forward to giving that out to folks. LC chose the holiday dessert that we will be making together to bring to a family holiday party. I'll put up photos on the blog when I get a chance. LC loves this busy and fun time of year.