Thursday, December 27, 2012

Rice Krispies Treats Cupcakes for Xmas

LC did spread some joy on Christmas!

After we looked at various pictures online for holiday desserts...LC decided she wanted to make this one to bring to relatives on Christmas. It was supposed to be ornament treats...but I couldn't find licorice string/rope and I didn't have a way for her to make thin, controlled lines with the frosting. LC came up with the idea, last minute, to make what she called "Rice Krispies Cupcakes!" After I melted the butter and marshmallows in a pot and then mixed in the Rice Krispies...I scooped out enough for like 18 mini cupcakes. LC sorted the M&Ms, so the green and red ones would go on the cupcakes that we were bringing with us.

With buttered hands (so the mixture wouldn't permanently stick to her hands), LC molded the treats into balls...

and then she added frosting (I used drops of McCormick food coloring on Duncan Hines creamy frosting in a can; red is hard to make when using vanilla frosting, I we went with pink and light green and white for the holiday colors).

The finishing touch was the peanut butter M&Ms (which stuck very well to the "cupcakes").

I wrapped each "cupcake" individually in cling wrap and placed them all in a container, though they did appear quite smushed by the time we arrived for the visit. I do hope folks were brave enough to taste them after we left, because our official cupcake taster said they are very yummy (she is already asking to make the treat again). The only negative was washing the extremely sticky stuff that was left inside the pot.