Friday, December 7, 2012

Hansel & Gretel

LC: "This is Hansel and Gretel."

LC was inspired to draw Hansel & Gretel after we watched a wonderful puppet show at Puppetworks in Park Slope. There are two more weekends left to see the show and it's definitely worth it for kids ages 3-8. This puppet theater took a hit financially after Superstorm Sandy (due to school trip cancellations during the weekdays) and they deserve every bit of support on the weekends when they are open to the public.

Sadly, like most puppet theaters these days, Puppetworks uses pre-recorded audio in the shows (except for the less well-known Penny Jones and Co. Puppets, their shows are worth seeing in the West Village...because the stories are told live by a master storytelling puppeteer). What stands out about this puppet theater in Brooklyn, compared to other theaters that get more press, is the gorgeous handmade wooden marionettes that grace the stage (and are hung up on the walls), as well as the subtle gestures performed by the puppeteers...the craft is truly appreciated by the parents.

What I liked most about this charming version of Hansel & Gretel (an adaptation of the 1857 Brothers Grimm story) is that they used some opera music (LC is now attempting to sing opera, ha). What LC liked most about the puppet show was the surprise of seeing the Angels of Goodness, as well as the kind forest animals and the Sandman. They managed to make a show that was a little scary (with Lady Rosina Sweet-tooth, the witch), but also a little silly (with Suzie, the pet duck).

This was yet another show at this puppet theater we greatly enjoyed...just like Puss in Boots last spring and Alice in Wonderland last year.