Thursday, November 8, 2012

fund-raising + fun

There are so many ways that families can still volunteer. Many centers in NYC are accepting donations to help folks recover from Hurricane Sandy. Kids can choose gently used toys and warm clothes to donate, help make meals and deliver them, buy supplies etc.

Recently, we went to Hootenanny Art House for a fun fund-raiser called ART for the Aquarium with Melissa. LC brought a booklet she made (fish, waves, sea horse etc.):

...her booklet will be sent to the New York Aquarium, along with letters from the kids and a collaborative Koi Fish Flag. The New York Aquarium in Coney Island was devastated by Hurricane Sandy and has a long way to go before reopening. Hootenanny also collected money from all of us to donate to the beloved aquarium.

Above picture, on the left side of the can see LC made another little fish swimming in the water. Melissa will be attaching the koi fish art together and making a flag, which is cool.

Before the workshop, we stopped by a drugstore to buy diapers to donate and LC selected a basket full of art supplies to donate and I carried the bags over to Hootenanny...their art teacher Aria will be volunteering to do art therapy at shelters. After the trauma that was experienced by so many folks...I believe art goes a long way to heal, reduce stress and provide some hope.

That's a drop in the bucket...but I'll see what else we can do. Even though LC is only 4 years old, she wants to do more to help those who lost their homes.