Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Bittersweet Halloween 2012

So thankful for the impromptu Halloween sing-a-long by the always awesome Lloyd Miller of the Deedle Deedle Dees. As you can see, my daughter was the happiest cowgirl in the world.

Today, LC was still talking about how much she enjoyed singing and dancing in costume. Midwood Martial Arts & Family Fitness Center hosted this event for the community and folks donated to the Red Cross. We were happy to bring out the kids who were couped up for days. I admire that Lloyd volunteers his services for so many causes and he has the musical talent to engage with, and easily lift the spirits, of kids and adults. We all had a blast.

With many events in NYC cancelled this week, due to Hurricane Sandy, kids were certainly experiencing cabin fever. Getting out and about yesterday, in costume, pleased LC greatly.

There was sadness that Halloween would be canceled, with so many parades and activities nixed throughout NYC due to lack of power, extreme transportation issues, severe flooding, and very few security and cleanup crews to spare. Try telling innocent young children, who wait for this holiday all year long, that they will have to wait another year. Plus, it's important for children to feel like they are returning to normalcy, to be able to move on. Everyone gathering together was also uplifting. So, LC was thrilled that she was able to march in the West Midwood Halloween parade. One person asked LC if she was dressed as Annie Oakley, very cool. We had more trick-or-treaters this year than prior years and we ran out of treats within a couple of hours.

Some Halloween memories from 2011 and prior years.

The resilience of New Yorkers is evident after the folks work together to rebuild this beautiful city. Our thoughts are with all the families affected by Hurricane Sandy who have lost loved ones and homes...and we send good vibes. Kids crave routines and so many of the places we enjoy visiting throughout NYC were hit hard...and it's taking a while for everything to be up and running again. It's heartbreaking that the New York Aquarium, one of LC's favorite spots, will be closed indefinitely. LC wants to donate her favorite toys, books and clothes to kids who lost so much this week. She amazes me every year with her generosity in terms of donations and she is gung ho whenever we participate in various volunteer efforts. This is the first time she comprehended that a natural disaster can be so devastating for people...and helping those who were not as fortunate as us is the best way to show that we care.