Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Haunted Woods of Prospect Park

Yesterday, LC was thrilled to experience the Halloween Haunted Walk & Carnival. This was such a unique way for families to give kids the feeling of a spooky Halloween, but not in the darkness of an enclosed space like a haunted house. LC had such a great time in the haunted woods of Prospect Park. We went up to Lookout Hill with a nice group of folks, and the guides and volunteers were as helpful as could be...making this an incredibly memorable hike. We couldn't ask for more...we interacted with a headless horseman, zombies, witches etc.

If you can't tell, LC is Tinker Bell.

Then, we walked across the park (LC is such a great walker!) to the Prospect Park Zoo for their Boo at the LC the opportunity to do what she loves most, marching and dancing in a costume parade. Jumping into piles of leaves, with kids she met, capped off the marvelous day in nature.