Friday, October 12, 2012

LC and Me - In the Water

LC loves being in the ocean with her mama. She created a series of drawings to express this joy. In these pictures, you'll notice she is paying attention to real details like our hair color and eye color. She drew herself with honey-colored hair, green eyes and wearing purple (her favorite color). She drew her mommy with black hair, green eyes and wearing orange (my favorite color). LC: "This is you trying to kiss me in the water, with heart for the kiss."

LC: "This is us touching a fish." (picture shown below)

The above picture was drawn this month...and the below (similar) picture was drawn seven weeks ago. You can see the improvement in capturing additional details with the more recent drawings. LC: "Us holding hands on the beach with water and fish and sunshine."

LC: "This is us touching the dolphin."
LC: "This is us touching the shark. But we are still smiling because we are having a fun day."

Obviously, we didn't really touch a shark, but I'm glad she's dealing with her fear of sharks by including one in this happy series...though if you look closely...LC is the one touching the fish and the dolphin...but I am the one touching the mean shark (with her standing at a safe distance), ha.