Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dumbo Arts Festival 2012 - CMA Art Village

LC very much enjoyed the Art Village, presented by the Children's Museum of the Arts, at this year's Dumbo Arts Festival. Here are some photos of a few of the activities:

A wood structure, with nails and an outline in place to encourage kids to create a STRING sculpture in the shape of a SKYLINE.

Using army green HANGING FILE FOLDERS (a great idea for what to do with those old folders you don't need anymore to organize your paperwork, since so much is now digital), kids created clowns for a mobile. LC decided to draw a clown on her clown's outfit. She named her clown "Bingo the Clown".

LC happens to be a huge fan of cardboard (at home, pretending cardboard boxes are boats, planes and well as using cardboard inserts like scooters), so I knew she would get a kick out of the large-scale replica of the Brooklyn Bridge they were building out of CARDBOARD. She helped put stickers on it that resembled bricks. At home, one could make a town out of cereal and pasta boxes.

Who knew that colorful TAPE could be used to create a (non-messy) mural? LC could have done this all day long. It's such a wonderful idea that I'm going to set it up at home for her.


Last, but not least, CMA's Theater By the Sea. The teaching artists created this lovely set for the kids, including a sea monster, waves, boats etc. LC pretended to swim. She doesn't understand the concept of slow motion, to allow for a frame by frame capture of her movements, like one does with puppets for this technique. Stop motion animation using live actors as the frame-by-frame subjects is called PIXILATION, by the way. You'll see LC zoom by at 0 to 3 seconds of this CMA video clip, so you may need to pause it quickly to get a glimpse of our swimmer at the beginning of the performance:

We ended our visit to the Dumbo Arts Festival with a ride on Jane's Carousel and a vanilla sundae, with the richest hot fudge ever made, at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (and no line, since it's not summer!).