Sunday, August 5, 2012

writing numbers 10 - 13 & cutting zigzag lines

Her self-initiated, joyful learning is a pleasure to witness. Last week she decided to write the numbers 10, 11, 12 and 13...and the uppercase letter G.

I don't believe in the coercive, best-selling approach to raising kids. I don't believe in dictating the instruments kids play (piano or violin!) or sports or dancing and forcing them to practice for hours on end. The name-calling destroys self-esteem...these parents call their kids "lazy", "stupid" or "losers". They pressure their children to get perfect grades and test scores, starting them off early on the academic path, with flash cards and test prep (hoping they get into the best schools and only pursue certain professions). They end up with stressed out, miserable children who rebel (or become depressed) by the time they graduate from high school or college. The kids barely have any real relationship with their parents once they grow up.

LC is a curious child, who enjoys discovering new things...she knows that I will support and encourage all her interests. She knows that she is loved and appreciated by her mommy, regardless of her achievements (I don't care about bragging rights), and it's the spark of light within LC that means the world to me...and I will guide her without extinguishing that light.

She asked for a few pages from a cutting practice workbook recently. (I don't believe in using workbooks for kids under 6 or 7 years old, hands-on/play-based learning is better, but I picked up a few workbooks from Kumon to pass the time during a trip like a year ago and this was still on my shelf.) I gave her the little safety scissors and she did this by herself, cutting zigzag lines for the first time, straight lines, diagonal etc. Her hand is too small to hold the scissors properly, she uses both hands, so it's not very smooth and controlled cutting...but this is a first step toward cutting out pictures and shapes for collages, no rush.