Friday, August 24, 2012

Fascinated by Circles

It already feels like this summer is coming to a close and LC will soon start fun fall classes. So, I wanted to catch up and post the last set of spring 2012 photos of LC's class artwork. This class was all about circles!

The teacher surprised us by bringing in a button making machine. (I want one!) On the back of the buttons, we placed sticker magnets. They are currently on the fridge door, holding up LC's drawings. To decorate the buttons, we chose pieces from the pile of pre-cut papers and used a glue stick. Below photo, the two buttons on the left are the ones I designed and the two buttons on the right are LC's.

I really love this button that LC designed:

Who knew bubble wrap could be so much fun! LC brushed on white and yellow paint on bubble wrap...then pressed the bubble wrap onto the construction paper.

LC took large, white circle stickers and decided to place them on the construction paper in the shape of two flowers...then she colored them in with markers.

On a large, flat piece of circle-shaped cork, LC placed circle dot stickers...then she painted over it all with white paint. After it dried, she peeled off the stickers to create this design.

On a circular mound of clay, LC pressed in wooden circles. (Then, brushed on glue for good measure, so it would remain intact longer.)

This is such a cool idea! Paint was mixed with dish washing liquid in a bowl. A small air pump was dipped into the bowl and used to form bubbles; LC enjoyed pumping and pumping it, until the bubbles were above the top edge of the container. A large sheet of paper was quickly placed on top of the bowl and gently pressed down. She repeated the steps again and create this beautiful bubble design on the surface of the paper.

 And more bubbles...

Circles fascinate kids. In fact, in an old blog post...I called 2010 "The Year of the Circle" for LC.