Sunday, August 12, 2012

Carousel Animation, Gold Tree and More

Children's Museum of the Arts is such an awesome place. The teaching artists do a great job guiding young kids, while still being hands-off enough for the kids to explore art on their own.

Here are some July photos:

LC loved working with the Media Lab's teaching artist. LC took the brown horse that she decorated and put it on "Jane's Carousel"...and helped make the stop motion animation. LC's horse comes in at the eight second mark of the video clip that was posted by CMA on their web site:

They have a cool setup in the Fine Arts Studio for kids to sit down and sketch with oil pastels:

Then, she moved on to clay...

In the gallery, CMA put up some art created by their teaching artists...and I LOVED this mixed media assemblage by Jamie Kelty, CMA Fine Arts Program Manager:

It's a gorgeous collage with layers of "stories, observations, found objects and mementos."

Oh, this was such a cool idea...but LC is too young to use a needle (I wanted to sit down and give it a go, but it wasn't really setup for parents to make I didn't ask, ha...) EMBROIDERED PAINTINGS!! Take a painting and stitch in any lines (outlining the design) or whatever details you like with a threaded needle.

Here's one that was hanging on the wall, as an example, though this wasn't a painting:

On another visit earlier in the month...LC enjoyed adding a decorated leaf to the gold tree. She asked me to write "magic shows", "scientific" as her poem, ha. Of course, she is a huge fan of magic shows. She heard the word scientific when she was watching Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue.