Sunday, July 22, 2012

No Horses Running

Lately, LC has been asking me to write words on the chalkboard. It seems random, but she hears a phrase or she says a word out loud (or a combination of words) and it's fascinating to her...she asks me things like "how spell no horses running?" or "how spell puppy?" etc. Today, she requested that I write "cowboy" and "pudding".

She also asks things like "tell me ten letter words", "tell me five letter words", "tell me words begin with P only four letters" etc.  I tried to steer her to learn how to read small words first, the rhyming words and sight words (like in Dr. Seuss books), or follow a phonics method, but she lights up when the learning is not structured. We're following her interests and questions...letting her carve out the path...and allowing her to learn organically. She will come up to me and make statements about what she has discovered all the time (art, music, reading, writing, science, math etc.). This evening, she said "I made two drawings in morning and one drawing now, so that makes three drawings."