Sunday, July 22, 2012

Creepy Centipede

I can't stand bugs and thankfully I rarely see them inside our home. But the extremely hot & incredibly humid weather in NYC this summer (I lost count of how many days, thus far, we had a RealFeel temperature over 100 deg F!) has caused us to see this creepy creature, the house centipede. Strangely, there have been a lot less mosquitoes, spiders and ants this summer (we saw a bunch last year, as they snuck in from the garden on the hottest days). Maybe spiders are eating mosquitoes... and centipedes are eating the spiders and ants. And sadly for these alien-looking centipedes, they are being squished by flip-flops or (quite ingeniously, when one was on the living room ceiling) a basketball aimed perfectly. I remembered how fascinated LC was in the Creature Creations class, so I'm glad this was yet another learning opportunity for her. The super fast house centipede will have up to 15 pairs of legs, ick.  LC captured this insectivore on paper, using a crayon: