Friday, July 6, 2012

accordion box

I should have included this project in the Art in Boxes post. I forgot about it, because this box is much smaller than the other boxes. It's so unique and wonderful...and it was the perfect last project for the class, because we could bring it home that day (without worrying about it needing to dry). Would make a nice gift, because you can close it up and open it and close it's self-contained.

LC's art (click on image to see larger picture):

Materials used:
* a white necklace/bracelet jewelry box (to serve as the top and bottom box) +
* a regular pencil (to draw the initial drawing, and then go over it with the sharpie or charcoal) +
* black sharpie (a permanent marker, so your kid should wear an art apron or a shirt you don't care about) +
* a white charcoal pencil (how cool!! I've mostly used black charcoal, not white!) +
* 2 strips of large, red construction paper (each folded up into 4 squares, accordion style), cut to the right height (& folded to the right width) to fit the box +
* tape (to put the 2 strips together, to make 8 squares for this project) +
* glue (to glue the first red square into the top lid and the last red square into the bottom container, after your kid is finished with the drawing).

The cover of the box was decorated by tearing a piece of red construction paper, by hand, and then attaching the red shapes to the white box, with glue.

It has been months and LC still carries the little box with her sometimes and opens it up, stretches it show folks the art. She wrote her name on it by herself....and is quite proud of it. She also carries mine a "gift" she likes to look at often.

I very much enjoyed making this in the art class. My art (click on image to see larger picture):

At the end of class...we had a little bit of extra time and the teacher gave out black construction paper to the kids and they used white charcoal pencils to draw lines. LC enjoyed making this picture: