Sunday, June 3, 2012

No Ordinary Day

Brooklyn mom Suzi Shelton is some kind of wonderful. Family Fun at the Williamsburg Pier featured the Frolic! Rock Fest. Live concerts, a drum circle, delicious BBQ food, fun rides and other activities for families all afternoon, to benefit Camp Brooklyn. My daughter couldn't stop dancing during Suzi Shelton's entire performance. Suzi writes songs with her husband and two kids. She sings like an angel and has a sweet personality.

"No Ordinary Day" was a beautiful song about moments shared with mom that turn ordinary days into special ones. And "Tomboy in a Princess Dress" is as cool as could be...songs the parents appreciated as much as the kids. My daughter wanted to get up on stage and sing with the Gum Drops, but I convinced her not to run up on stage.

LC is so thrilled, she is levitating: