Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Banana Paper Printing + Red Squares Collage

The Paper Works class at Brooklyn Design Lab encourages preschoolers to create art with the simplest of materials. One class during the winter semester, we were given banana paper + black paint + various objects (zig zag foam, a wheel, a bottle cap, a tape dispenser, the little table top thingie that keeps the pizza box from touching the top of the hot cheese pizza). We dipped the objects into the paint and then pressed them against the banana paper to create these funky artwork prints. Can you spot the tape dispenser shape?

Here's my work:

And here's LC's work:

At the end of the spring semester, one class utilized red construction paper squares + a black sharpie. LC created various line drawings (I featured her flamingo in the last post - that's special and I have it on the fridge right now). She glued strips of maps and her red squares onto the gray paper to make this cool collage: