Sunday, May 27, 2012

Art in Boxes

I was planning to show photos of beautiful "botanical" art, using materials found on Governors Island, but we couldn't locate CMA's outpost yesterday in time (our family was busy with other activities on the island)...sadly, the Children's Museum of the Arts workshops ended at 3pm.

Instead, I will show you what LC made in her art class last semester at Brooklyn Design Lab. She loves dinosaurs and nature, it was the perfect combo for this sculpture assignment using a toy dinosaur + real moss, twigs, rocks etc. Creating a habitat for the dinosaur inside a box.

Want to see more of her art in boxes?
I like the happy face graffiti she drew, with a sharpie, on the wood car...then she glued postage stamps, foreign bills, a map etc. to create the travel themed project for Art in Boxes.

I don't recall how this was made, but it's very cool. I think it involved fluorescent paint being placed on a surface that was painted initially with glue.

These 3 were made using paint + marbles (adding paint then tilting the boxes, so one or two marbles "painted" the construction paper surface):