Sunday, April 1, 2012

Noodle Meets Puppet Doll

LC loved the Puppetworks performance of Puss in Boots so much, we saw it twice. They based it on the 1697 French version of the story. Believe me, I've seen my share of puppet shows the last year, at various locations...and this was incredibly entertaining and professionally executed. As always at Puppetworks, the marionettes convey emotion so well with their gestures...but this show has the special element of a live ogre. One of the puppeteers, Jeremy Kerr (who has a background in acting, obviously), does a wonderful job on the puppet stage, interacting with the puppets as if they are real...this really enhanced the experience for kids and parents. And there's a surprise I won't spoil (since they have one more show on April 7 to put on), that makes the audience gasp.

I bought LC one of their handmade puppets (she chose the one with the purple dress...since she loves purple) and she is joyfully telling the hand puppet "doll" about the adventures of "Noodle", her small "superhero" giraffe. She loves to use her imagination and tell stories about her toys. We bought a box of plain oats Cheerios recently and there was a little book inside about "Noodle & Lou", a worm and a bird who are best friends. That's where the name Noodle comes from, it's cute.