Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kindiefest + Plop

One of the awesome things about living in NYC is the variety of live shows. You can literally see a new show (or two or three) every week. Here's LC at Kindiefest 2012, she got on stage with KBC Kids band (hip hop music for kids) and danced happily:

It was great to see Big Bang Boom and Bari Koral Family Rock Band perform, as well. Our three favorites of the seven band lineup today. A whole afternoon of new entertainment (Noon to 4pm).

In the last week, we also saw Plop! at New Victory Theater in Times Square. When the kids were invited to dance, LC got up right away and danced with the actress. At the end of the show, LC went up to the DJ and wanted to play with his sound effects. She enjoyed watching the apples fall during the show...the antics were perfectly entertaining for the preschoolers (while the parents smiled along with the kids).